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WMIエラーメッセージリスト - WMI Reference



Sample Code



Error codeError numberDescription
WBEM_E_FAILED0x80041001The call failed.
WBEM_E_NOT_FOUND0x80041002The object could not be found.
WBEM_E_ACCESS_DENIED0x80041003The current user does not have permission to perform the action.
WBEM_E_PROVIDER_FAILURE0x80041004The provider has failed at some time other than during initialization.
WBEM_E_TYPE_MISMATCH0x80041005A type mismatch occurred.
WBEM_E_OUT_OF_MEMORY0x80041006There was not enough memory for the operation.
WBEM_E_INVALID_CONTEXT0x80041007The IWbemContext object is not valid.
WBEM_E_INVALID_PARAMETER0x80041008One of the parameters to the call is not correct.
WBEM_E_NOT_AVAILABLE0x80041009The resource, typically a remote server, is not currently available.
WBEM_E_CRITICAL_ERROR0x8004100AAn internal, critical, and unexpected error occurred. Report this error to Microsoft Product Support Services.
WBEM_E_INVALID_STREAM0x8004100BOne or more network packets were corrupted during a remote session.
WBEM_E_NOT_SUPPORTED0x8004100CThe feature or operation is not supported.
WBEM_E_INVALID_SUPERCLASS0x8004100DThe superclass specified is not valid.
WBEM_E_INVALID_NAMESPACE0x8004100EThe namespace specified could not be found.
WBEM_E_INVALID_OBJECT0x8004100FThe specified instance is not valid.
WBEM_E_INVALID_CLASS0x80041010The specified class is not valid.
WBEM_E_PROVIDER_NOT_FOUND0x80041011A provider referenced in the schema does not have a corresponding registration.
WBEM_E_INITIALIZATION_FAILURE0x80041014A component, such as a provider, failed to initialize for internal reasons.
WBEM_E_TRANSPORT_FAILURE0x80041015A networking error that prevents normal operation has occurred.
WBEM_E_INVALID_OPERATION0x80041016The requested operation is not valid. This error usually applies to invalid attempts to delete classes or properties.
WBEM_E_INVALID_QUERY0x80041017The query was not syntactically valid.
WBEM_E_INVALID_QUERY_TYPE0x80041018The requested query language is not supported.

WMI に関して調べているけど探し物が見つからない…という方は右上の検索窓検索してみましょう!

MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional)、 MCA (Microsoft Certified Associate)CompTIA A+
一応 MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional)、MCA (Microsoft Certified Associate)、
CompTIA A+ を所有してたりします…

- WMI Fun !! -
Microsoft 社のテクノロジーである WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) の使い方を
Visual Basic を使ってのんびり公開しています
WMI は Windows 7 や Windows 8、Windows 10 で便利に使えますよ!
また VB や VBA、.Net (VB・C#) などの開発環境以外でも Win32/Win64 API に依存しないので WMIC や
WSH (VBS・JS)・PowerShell などスクリプト言語・コマンドラインから有効に活用が出来ます
Windows ベースの社内 IT システムに関する資産管理、アセットマネジメントや監視業務の効率化、
インベントリ情報収集系システムツール開発に WMI はお勧めです

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